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You Can Become A Python Master - Today!
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The best way to learn is with your own Personal Tutor and dense, Custom Crafted Lessons whose intent is to guide you to Master Python - fast!
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Programmers Welcome!

You may be a newbie or you may already know some Python? Many of my students have taken online courses and tried the hundreds of free, and excellent, Python courses available.

But unless given a lot of free time (and willpower), most of us are going to find it hard to get to a level where we are comfortable saying we really know Python - enough to answer an interview or confidently take up a new project.

That’s because while Python is simple, it is also vast. There is a lot to cover. Not just the base language with it’s dunder methods, complicated class lifecycle, monkey patching, iterators, generators, negative slices, walrus operators, decorators, and so on but also getting a handle of key packages like Numpy, Requests, Flask, MatPlotLib, Pillow, SQLAlchemy, PyTest, and BeautifulSoup.

That’s why you need a course like this - designed to teach you everything you need to know (and nothing you don’t) - with access to a personal tutor with more than 30 years of experience. You will be able to ask any question, clear your doubts, and learn in a structured fashion that is designed to adapt to keep everything you learn embedded in your memory.

A Personal Tutor

Having a personal tutor to whom you can reach out to and someone who can help keep you on track is invaluable in getting up to speed quickly.

You can learn by yourself, of course, but it’s a much slower and much more inefficient process. Simply having an experienced tutor to give you the right guidance, review your work, and talk to can make a tremendous difference both in the speed of your learning and the quality of what you learn.

If you want to master Python fast and well, let me help you. Having access to a personal tutor is an almost invaluable advantage.

Customized to Suite You!

Code With Charlie is an online system which means - you can do it your way. Pick a time that suites you, submit your code and get it reviewed at your convenience.

The advantage with a personalized system is you are not just another student who needs to fit in and just get things done on the teacher’s schedule.

You have your own life. Things to do. People to meet. Movies to watch. Life is full of things you want to get done besides learning Python.

That’s why, while Code With Charlie will keep you on track overall it leaves the details of getting stuff done to whenever you can get things done. Convenience and personal focus in one neat package. How can you not love it?

Do it in small bites

Having a life means you already have things to do. And fitting in learning Python can be a daunting experience.

Many people start off enthusiastically and complete the first few sessions or videos but then, inevitably, life gets in the way and the schedule slips and before you know it a couple of months have passed and the next session just hasn’t started.

That is why Code with Charlie sessions are tiny.

They are also dense. You will learn a lot - very quickly. This means you can learn anytime during the day you feel like spending a few minutes on Python.

And before you know it - you’ll know everything you need!

Never Forget anything

The last piece of the puzzle comes together because Code With Charlie is a personalized system that tracks your learning.

This means it tracks everything you learnt and how well you recall each. Based on this it customizes your plan and testing moving forward to help reinforce what you need to know and keep everything clear in your mind.

Using this kind of customized, reinforced learning, with active dense and short lessons carries you a long way forward in a surprisingly short time. Coupled with the connection to a real, experienced, tutor, Code With Charlie gives you the very best option to build Mastery of Python fast.

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Want to learn Python quickly? Tired of trying various tutorials and watching endless lectures? Code with Charlie provides a new and simple way to learn you'll love even if you've tried learing before.
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Lots to Learn!

Python is a simple, elegant, but vast language.

To gain a level of mastery you need to know not just the basics of syntax, control structures, and flow, but a lot of the goodies and features added into the language that make it such a powerhouse.

Get completely comfortable with Python’s dunder methods, complicated class lifecycle, monkey patching, iterators, generators, slicing, decorators and so on.

Python’s versatility has also given it an amazing and vast ecosystem of packages. Becoming a Python virtuoso with Code with Charlie means you will learn key packages like Numpy, Requests, Flask, MatPlotLib, Pillow, SQLAlchemy, and BeautifulSoup priming you to hit the ground running for your next project.

Who is Charlie?

Why should you want to learn from me? Well I am an programming veteran with over 30 years of industry experience in all kinds of environments and languages. Including - of course - Python.

I have always loved to teach and have a natural inclination towards being a trainer. For a decade or so I have been in a business training developers, and now I would like you to be one of them.

If you want to master Python and feel confident in your learning, I’m here to help you out, give you support, review your code, give you guidance, and track your progress. I hope we’ll have a good journey together where we both end up happy in the end.

Learn, Check, Ask Questions

Active learning is all about participating in your learning rather than sitting back, passively being bombarded with a video lecture or two, you need to participate, make some guesses, get them checked, recall earlier lessons, submit your projects, and ask your questions.

Learning this way means you need less time to pick up concepts, you remember better, and you have a lot more fun! You are a driver of your learning journey, not just a passenger carried along for the ride.

Join up and see for yourself!

Why Choose Code With Charlie?

If you want to have confidence in your Python-skills and learn enough in the shortest possible time to become a true Pythonista, Code With Charlie is for you.

There are excellent free courses available in Python. Then there are the amazing Udemy, or EdX, or other open university courses that all offer excellent content you can use. However Code With Charlie is centered around you and tracking your progress along with an experienced instructor who will give you the feedback and guidance you need.

Taking a course is a risk. Sometimes we start off strong and then loose steam as life gets in the way. Having someone to keep you on track and short, dense, lessons gives you the very best chance of really getting to master Python in the shortest possible time.

Join us and see!

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