You deserve a pay hike

How about, instead of working harder and trying to impress your boss, you try something new? Trust me, working smart beats working hard every time. If you must spend your energy better hunt an elephant and not a mouse as the saying goes.

Did you know that - at an average of $72,500 starting salary - a career in Coding is one of the most in-demand skills in the world today? This trend is likely to continue into the foreseeable future and experienced coders can earn up to $200,000 a year. So you can continue working harder for incremental increments or you can think about working smarter and get into coding today.

Picture it for a minute - the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans in the air, a comfortable office, all the latest technology toys at your fingertips… Companies work hard to keep their programmers happy and the perks are so good your friends will drool in envy.

That’s not even counting the fat salary you’ll be bringing home.

And it’s easier than you think. Sign up today and get started.

Everyone hates Coding!

What I mean is - everybody hates trying something new. Perhaps you’ve even tried getting into coding and it didn’t work out. There are a lot of video courses out there and countless books but they don’t always work out.

Trust me - all you need to have a wonderful career in coding is the desire to become a coder. You don’t need

  • to be good at math
  • to be in the top 1% of IQ
  • to be young
  • to have lots of time and discipline

None of those are important. All that matters is that you want to become a coder and are willing to learn. Learning with us gives you

  • the spaced repetition scientifically proven advantage (based on Supermemo) of the best possible repetition cycles for effective long term memory
  • a ready profile of demonstrable projects that you can use to show your skills which is important as you apply for jobs
  • a clear and simple path from complete newbie to mastery of the technologies you need
  • a personalised plan that adjusts based on feedback of your personal progress and continually takes into account your strengths and weaknesses
  • constant measurement, feedback, and competition to keep you going and know your progress
  • help with writing effective software engineering resumes and interview preparation

Code with Charlie has been carefully designed to be the very best way to learn coding. You’ll have fun, learn a lot, and expand your options to a great new career - what have you got to lose?

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Why you'll love Coding with Charlie
With over 25 years experience coding and five years training new and experienced developers Charlie can pretty much guarantee he's worked with someone like you.

Hi there! I’m Charlie. I love teaching and am passionate about coding. As I’ve gained experience training companies have paid me big bucks to train their top developers and take them to the next level. I’ve also mentored and trained many beginning developers just like you throughout my career. One of my proudest moments was when John - a developer who had broken down and cried because he was sure he was going to get fired - called me up a year later to say he had just been commended for amazing performance by his client.

If you want to get into coding - no matter the path - I’ve built this program with all my experience to guide you on the best and most effective way to get you to your goals. I know that everyone’s needs are unique and the training I’ve developed is designed to play to your unique strengths while working on your weaknesses.

Price and Options

Code with Charlie is priced as competitively as possible. Given the features and options available the price you pay is a steal. Here are the some of the common options:

  Option Features Cost
icon Udemy
  • 100,000 courses
  • Expert instructors
  • Lifetime access
$200 (often ‘discounted’ to $10)
icon Coursera
  • 3,900 courses
  • 13+ Professional certificates
  • 20+ Degrees & MasterTrack Certificates
$71/mo - $20,000 (for Masters). Free option if auditing course with no certificate
icon EdX
  • Founded by Harvard & MIT
  • Home to Top-Ranked Universities
$100 - $200. Free option with no certificate
icon Treehouse
  • Flexible
  • Build a portfolio
  • Gain Job Ready Skills
  • In-depth Code Reviews
  • Real-time Support
icon Any Coding Bootcamp
  • Hands On Experience
  • Live access to teachers
  • Gain Job Ready Skills
$2000 - $20,000
icon Code With Charlie
  • Personalized Learning Track
  • Regular Follow Ups to keep you on track
  • Gain Job Ready Skills
  • Build a Portfolio

Why you’d want to “Code with Charlie”

Code with Charlie is a personal service. I want to make sure that you - you - get the best training possible that you need. That’s why we follow up with you, support you in building your resume and coach you through your interviews.

If you want to get started in coding - I firmly belive this is the best program out there! With no lock-in periods or long-term commitments, you have a risk-free, high quality, option available you can take advantage of.

Free for a Limited Time!

And - if you are accepted during the beta - you don’t pay a penny! Beta users are accepted for free*. To take advantage of this offer you should apply at the earliest.

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* Please Note: Slots are limited and not everyone who applies will be accepted for the beta program as we need a mix of people. You will be informed by email if you are accepted into the program.
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