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Become a Python Master - with very little effort
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Carefully crafted, bite-sized lessons, combined with the world's best memory-retention technology — so you can build a rock solid ability at Python quickly and easily!
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Master Python in months - not Years!

There’s a lot to learn in Python: Functions, Objects, List Comprehensions, kwargs, the libraries, the packaging systems, Generators, Decorators, Coroutines… the list goes on…

Knowing what to learn and in the right order, so it makes sense, and can be easily recalled can be daunting. For many people, reading a book or taking a course isn’t enough. Doing a project helps with recall but you simply can’t pack all you need to learn into a project.

That’s why you need a structured course designed to track your recall and reinforce what you need to make you a master of Python.

You need just 5 minutes

See if this feels familiar - pick a course, start enthusiastically, get busy with other things, skip a few exercises, slow down, forget earlier lessons, and eventually abandon the course before trying again.

You’re busy - and that’s the reason I designed this course purposefully to provide lessons in small, focused bites that you can learn in less than five minutes.

With short, focused lessons, and our designed schedule of looping back to check and reinforce exactly what you need is how you get to Python mastery faster and with less effort than you ever thought possible!

How do you eat an elephant? – “One bite at a time!”

Do it Your Way

Everybody learns differently. You have your own unique way of learning that suits you best and it is slightly different from anyone else. Some days you have more time, the stars align and you just absorb new information without even trying. Other days it seems like nothing makes sense.

That’s why we keep track of every concept you need to know and repeat lessons that we know you need to reinforce. You are not shoe-horned into a cookie-cutter “common lesson plan” that everyone must fit into - instead the lesson plan dynamically adjusts to each individual so it suits your own personal learing journey.

Isn’t it common-sense that the lessons should adapt to you - the learner, rather than expecting you to adapt to a pre-defined lesson plan?

Reach Your Dreams...

Python really is a dream language - versatile, powerful, and backed up by thousands of companies building wonderful and magical tools that everyone can use.

Learning Python really well - mastering it - can open a lot of doors. Python programmers have the option of high-paying careers, building tools to enhance their current work, automating their hobby projects, or finally starting off a side business with that great idea. In the corporate world - and out of it - mastery of Python is a invaluable skill.

Learn to Code Python - it will give you tons of benefits and advantages and there’s no downside! Python is not a technology that will go obsolete and you can use it to build amazing things while the demand for this skill will only grow and grow.

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Want to learn Python quickly? Tired of trying various tutorials and watching endless lectures? Code with Charlie provides a radically new and simple way to learn you'll love even if you've tried learing before.
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(It only takes 5 minutes)
If you are serious about leveling up your Python game and becoming a Python master - sign up today and get started right away.
Who is Charlie?

Charlie is an avatar who is designed to be your personal tutor. He will keep track of your progress, worry about what you need to learn, what you need to revisit, and schedule your lessons to be most effective.

Having an avatar as your personal tutor is great - he is always patient, gives you 100% of his focus and can effectively calculate the best time to check and reinforce concepts so you build a rock-solid basis for learning.

Charlie’s focus is to ensure you become a Master of Python! That’s his only job and he’s really really good at it.

The Learning Loop

One of the reasons it takes so long to learn is people confuse understanding with learning.

Just because we understand something, doesn't mean we've learned it. Learning involves internalizing the concept - once we've done that we can recall it when needed and know the right context to apply it in. For example, anyone can search up and understand all the symptoms of liver disease but we would all agree that that doesn't mean they can diagnose cirrhosis of the liver correctly.

To learn we need to reinforce the understanding in context. Repetition and recall are key for building strong and stable memories. We call this The Learning Loop. That's why having your own personal tutor that tracks how well you have grasped a concept and builds a recall/repetition schedule around you is so crucial.

TL;DR - After you learn, your tutuor loops back to reinforce concepts that you need, designed to give you 100% confidence about everything you learn as you progress.

Why Choose Code With Charlie?

Everyone should learn to code.

I have over 25 years of experience in IT, and it has been a wonderful journey. Coding is an amazing skill - in today’s world it’s like a superpower - you can use it to build whatever you want. And it’s always in demand so you’re always sure of getting a well paid job anywhere in the world. Because of this, I strongly believe that everyone who wants to should be able to learn to code.

And Code With Charlie was born.

In today’s world - learning to code gives you freedom and power. For example, I dreamt up Code With Charlie one day, and here you are - able to use it to learn to code. I have built Charlie from scratch to be able to teach you, track your progress, and reinforce your memory based on spaced repetition so you have the best chance of learning in the shortest period of time.

I know how hard it can be to learn coding. How easy it is to get confused or overwhelmed by technology. And I’ve built a system that I think you will love using and which will take you all the way from novice to mastery in Python in the shortest possible time.

Everyone should learn to code. And if you join Code with Charlie I’ll make sure you do too.

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You too can become a Python master - as easily and with as little effort as chatting with your friends. Sign up today and get started right away.
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Which Plan Should I choose?
The Free Plan
The free plan is an great option to try out “Code With Charlie”. It has generous limits and a “good enough” number of tests that your tutor will conduct to give your confidence in what you have learned.

The Free Plan is definitely not just a “trial” so you will never be pushed to upgrade to the power package unless you want to. If the Free Package suites you then you never need move up to the Power Package.

The Power Package
The Power Package is the best way to Master Python quickly and with the least effort. It's as easy as chatting. With the Power Package you get:
  • Unlimited Access,
  • Unlimited Lessons,
  • Unlimited Testing,
  • Sure-fire Interview Prep,
  • Your questions answered weekly from a live instructor, and
  • Your ideal learning sessions based on what you personally need most at the moment.
All for just 50 cents a day! So what are you waiting for? Pick a plan and Get Started in less than 5 minutes!